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bringing color to my life

Living here in Eastern Washington, summers tend to turn to many beautiful shades of brown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the color brown, especially the gold tones, but this girl loves all colors, the brighter the better when it comes to flowers.


Iris are so easy to grow and they take a back seat row in my garden space.





Hollyhocks are one of my favorite, I would love to grow more but I’m finding out they need a little help to keep them standing straight!



Look what came up this year, a Lilly!   I don’t even remember planting it.  If you look closely you can see a bee.



Flowers pots are my container of choice, simply because I don’t have to weed them.







I can’t have flowers without a little treat for the humming birds.



There is nothing better than sitting on our front porch, eating homemade ice cream and watching the flowers grow.  Did I say homemade ice cream, that just might have to be another blog!




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rock garden in the drylands

What better place to have a rock garden than in this dry country, don’t you think.  I had the perfect place for it in my back yard.  I wanted to disguise the dog kennels or at least make them a little less noticeable.  I had an idea in my head and making it happen was quite a chore.  We have lots of big rocks around here and I wanted the ones that had lichen on them.  This involved a backhoe and loader and of course my own ‘rock placing company’ in other words, my husband, Mark!  He was a gem and helped me get the rock in the right place around the mound of dirt he had hauled in.



The hard work was done and I now had the fun part, planting all my plants, choosing ones that are for drier climates and rock gardens.  I wish I had written all the plant names since I can only remember one and that is Lupine.



I really wanted a bird bath, but I haven’t had good luck with them in the past, the reason being that our big dogs like to drink out of them and they end up broken.  I found this bowl and just loved it. It is perfect and my son found the old faucet and thought it would be perfect over it.





Mark’s dad also got in on the action. He made this flower box to go on the axel between these two old iron wheels we found in an iron pile.   There are lots of treasures to be found around this old farm and this one works just fine as a flower box.





I think it turned out just great!





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