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progressing slowly….

I thought I had better share with you my slow progress with Carson’s quilt.  I have been working on some blocks that will be the main focus. It has been fun and challenging.



Last fall I had visited family in Nebraska and my aunt showed me a quilt that had barns on it.  I asked her where she got the patterns for the barns and it was in an Eleanor Burns quilt book on American Barns.  It took me awhile to find a book, but finally found one on her website,  I should have looked there first!

I reworked a barn so it would look similar to our own barn and made the silo look more like a grain bin.




The ruler on the book was a must for the next block. I wanted a tractor pattern and found one on Craftsy.  It was a paper pieced pattern that looked difficult, but it was the only one I liked so it just had to be done.  The only experience I have with paper piecing has been at a one hour class many years ago.  So the next best teacher is the internet and I found a YouTube video.  The Add-A-Quarter ruler was the main tool she suggested and I have to say it was worth the money.  I looked locally at a couple of fabric stores but to no avail, so Amazon is where I picked one up.

This is my work in progress.







This week is Holy Week and Easter is coming. I have lots to do in preparing for Resurrection Sunday. We will have family here on the farm and Church to celebrate our Risen Lord, and of course a feast to prepare and eat together!

It is still pretty cold here, but I managed to take a few pictures of some spring flowers that are making their appearance in my flower beds.


He is Risen!







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Memorial Day….a day to give thanks

Its Memorial Day today and I have to admit that it is usually just another day on the farm. We don’t stray too far from home, most often we get some work done and occasionally we have guests for the weekend.  Today, we have guests for lunch and we are going to bar-b-que burgers.  It will be a good Memorial Day!

I have been planning  a special post remembering our veterans.  You see, last December on our way back from Burkina Faso, we stopped for a couple of days in Paris France and arranged to go on a tour of Normandy.

Our tour guide, Olivier from Overlord Tours, was a wealth of information and stories. I was so impressed by the military details and strategies.  The personal stories of the soldiers and local people were very inspiring and seeing the lay of the land and the struggles they encountered showed me the bravery of those men who descended upon Normandy so many years ago.

It was a very moving experience and one that I will always remember.  Seeing the memorials and standing on the actual beaches made history come alive and helped me to understand more of what happened on that day, D Day, June 6, 1944.




Omaha Beach




Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial




Looking toward Omaha Beach




All soldiers are buried facing west toward home.




German gunnery




Looking out a German bunker




American paratrooper rendezvous point at a farm.




Utah Beach




To those who serve, Thank You.




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