I am drawn to all kinds of fabric.  I love to feel the different textures and see the colors.  Of course I have my favorites, cotton and natural fibers are definitely the material of choice.  In the early 80’s at the local fabric store, The Golden Needle, I took a quilting class and that started my love of quilting.  Since my kids are now grown up, I am spending more time quilting and am even trying my best at machine quilting!  I love hand quilting, but it does take time and I have more quilts to make!

I also like to make fun smaller things like bags, wall quilts, and table coverings.  Of course, collecting fabric for all these projects is also something I love to do.  Mark knows that if there is a quilt store nearby, I will find it.  It helps now that I have an IPhone!  Books and patterns are another weakness.  If I were to make only one quilt out of every book I have, well lets just say I would be quilting for a very long time!

Check out my Quilts!

Check out my Little Quilts!

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