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girls weekend away

In early April, I met up with my mom and sister, my aunt and cousin in Ellensburg and we had girls weekend away!  We have done this every spring for quite a few years and it is always fun! On the way to Ellensburg I made a stop at Palouse Falls State Park. I had heard it was pretty spectacular with all the spring rains and runoff.  I wasn’t disappointed, it was beautiful! The amount of water coming over the falls was amazing and the hills surrounding were starting to green up.  If you ever get a chance to stop and check it out this spring do, it is worth the 2 miles in on the gravel road.

Palouse Falls



The next day us girls traveled up north to Birch Bay, WA.  It was raining and continued for the most part of the stay!  That didn’t stop us from exploring the area.  We pretty much stopped at every antique shop from Birch Bay to Bellingham and even found a few fabric and yarn shops!  I love to shop for antiques, it is so much fun and if you look long enough you can find some treasures.  I really like listening to mom and my aunt talk when they shop.  So many things bring back memories of their past and then they laugh and giggle telling us about it.  I love this time together, we talk, eat junk food and chocolate, laugh and have no place to go or schedule to keep.  We just pile in the suburban, I drive and my copilot sister, tells me where to turn.

The day is was supposed to not rain too much, we drove into Canada.  We explored White Rock and walked out on the pier.  It was a little windy and chilly but no rain!  the second stop in Canada was at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  It is such a fun place. we all walked across the bridge and then my sister, cousin and I explored the treetops and the hiking paths. It’s not really hiking but walking along the canyon on a boardwalk. You should check this place out if you are ever in Vancouver BC.

Vancouver BC


On our way home, it just happened that is was the only sunny day day of the entire trip! It worked out great for us to stop at Roozengaarde Tulip Farm in Mt. Vernon. The tulips were just coming into bloom and the daffodils were in full bloom. In past years, we drove by and viewed the  fields from the car, but since not all the fields were in bloom, we stopped at the garden and boy was it worth it! Lots of pretty gardens with spring flowers and fields in bloom close by.  They also sell fresh cut tulips, of which I purchased and brought home for Easter.

Roozengaarde Tulip Farm


In this last picture, I have the tulips in 3 tumblers I picked up at an antique shop. Just one of the treasures I found on the trip!  Looking forward to the next girls weekend!




Enjoy the many laughs and joyous times you spend with family.  God will bring these memories to your mind and it will bring joy and sweet smiles to your soul when you need it the most.





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starting where I left off

Wow! I can’t believe I have been away from blogging for so long.  Last fall seemed to go by so fast and then the holidays and it is spring!  Somewhere in between winter arrived and has now passed.  Yay! No writing about the winter doldrums for me!  So, I think I will just jump in like it hasn’t been that long!

I have done some quilting this winter and actually got a couple of quilt tops ready to be quilted. Lately I have been working on a wall quilt for my daughter Hannah.  It started out as an experiment as I tried a new technique for me, inspired by a quilt book I bought.  Modern Quilting by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson.

When I was in Burkina Faso a year ago last November, I bought some Ghana Batik fabric and now wanted to do something with it.  So I looked for some fabric to go with it and here is what I found.  The top piece is from Ghana.


I needed a neutral and found the gray material at my local quilt store, Becky’s Fabrics, and then started the process of basically sewing and cutting at the machine.  I loved it and did make a few blunders from time to time, overall the process was pretty cool and I’m sure I will sew more of these quilts.



I have the top done, but forgot to take a picture of it before I pinned it to be ready to quilt. So you will have to wait until it’s done to see the whole piece.  It won’t be 7 months, I promised my daughter I would get it done this spring!




I thought I would post a few pictures of my travels these last 7 months. These were taken at Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida.  I was told that the best sunsets are here and I have to say it is very true, they were beautiful and it was a lot of fun watching the pelicans catch their dinner!

Clearwater Beach

6516wm copy









It is good to be back blogging again.  Next time I should be done with that quilt!

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Memorial Day….a day to give thanks

Its Memorial Day today and I have to admit that it is usually just another day on the farm. We don’t stray too far from home, most often we get some work done and occasionally we have guests for the weekend.  Today, we have guests for lunch and we are going to bar-b-que burgers.  It will be a good Memorial Day!

I have been planning  a special post remembering our veterans.  You see, last December on our way back from Burkina Faso, we stopped for a couple of days in Paris France and arranged to go on a tour of Normandy.

Our tour guide, Olivier from Overlord Tours, was a wealth of information and stories. I was so impressed by the military details and strategies.  The personal stories of the soldiers and local people were very inspiring and seeing the lay of the land and the struggles they encountered showed me the bravery of those men who descended upon Normandy so many years ago.

It was a very moving experience and one that I will always remember.  Seeing the memorials and standing on the actual beaches made history come alive and helped me to understand more of what happened on that day, D Day, June 6, 1944.




Omaha Beach




Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial




Looking toward Omaha Beach




All soldiers are buried facing west toward home.




German gunnery




Looking out a German bunker




American paratrooper rendezvous point at a farm.




Utah Beach




To those who serve, Thank You.




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Ouaga Batiks

I want to share bits and pieces of our trip to Ouagadougou Burkina Faso (BF) last Nov/Dec and decided to start with some batiks that we purchased. I also bought quite a bit of batik fabric, but I will save that for another post. Hannah and I love to go shopping and she brought my sister Vicky, and I to this great little shop in downtown Ouagadougou. The owner sells all sorts of items that local artisans create. I wish I had a picture of the shop, better yet would be a video of how we drove there! Mind you, Hannah is a great driver, but driving in Africa is not the same as driving in America, but that is another story.

I was drawn to the first one pictured below because it was so different than most batik I had seen. ‘Artsy’ is how I would describe it. The giraffe batik that Hannah chose, and I brought back for her, is even more contemporary, I really like them both. I brought home a frame from Africa for the “Artsy’ one, but haven’t got the glass yet. It is quite the unusual frame, with just 2 pieces of wood holding the glass on the top and bottom and a very strong twine binding them together along the sides. I will have to post a picture when I get it put together. It was also made by a local artisan in BF.







This next batik depicts life in BF. It was created by a Burkinabe man who attends a CMA Church there in Ouaga. He brought several for us to look at and I bought this large one and one featuring the nativity scene.





Another shopping trip brought us to the ‘Artisan Village’. This place is spread out and sort of like an outside mall. The main difference is that most of the artisans make their craft right there, so you can see the craft at different stages and also see how they make them. It is a very interesting place, one that I could spend hours at, but with Mark, John and Jesse making this trip with us, well let’s just say shopping should be done quickly and no lingering allowed! I shouldn’t be too hard on them because they were great sports and actually liked looking at all the artists making their crafts. That is where I found these two smaller batiks. They are more common.





The last picture is of a map of BF burned into leather. Mark found this and I just love it. It is a reminder of where we traveled and where our daughter Hannah lives and serves. I have to give a shout out to our Christian Missionary Alliance friends and family in Ouagadougou and Bobo, you guys are living examples of showing Gods love to the Nations and I just love that! You are awesome!





Thanks for coming along on this shopping trip with me, next time I go shopping overseas; you might just want to come along with me!



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