Fabric Flowers and Watering Cans…. and computers too!

Spring is finally here and I have tulips!


I’m trying to get in some sewing before I get too busy outside. I have been working on a tablecloth for our picnic table. I wanted it to be summer like and fun.   I looked in my Floral Inspirations quilt book by Debbie Mumm and found a watering can block and thought it would be perfect.



I wanted something to go with the cans and thought about adding flowers and found three flower blocks in Block by Block by Lynette Jensen, that just happened to go perfectly with the watering can blocks.  How sweet is that!  I like not having to re size a block to make it work.



By using my left over stash fabric the blocks came together quite fast and now I am quilting it on the frame.  I decided to use flannel for batting. I thought about not putting any in but wanted a little padding to weight it some since it was to be used outside.



I have had a few interruptions this last week, so I don’t have it finished.  My son, Jesse, built us a new computer and I have been transferring everything from the old to the new.  I have 2 computers running under the desk, two keyboards, two mice and two monitors.  It gets kind of confusing sometimes when the mouse won’t work on the right screen and typing on the wrong keyboard.



Hopefully I will win this battle with the computers this next week.  I will say that my most frustrating issue has to do with ITunes and syncing my IPad and IPhones.  I never thought moving music and apps would be such a problem.  Whenever I moved my CD’s I just moved them!  They didn’t have to be compatible with one another or lose the ability to play because the original file wasn’t there!!!!  What I want to know is where the original file went between one computer and the other!  I will succeed at this game, even if it takes me into the dark of night!


I just had to take this picture the other evening while I was taking a break from the computers, it was just too pretty to not share.  I love the sunsets off back road.  These pictures that God gives us are a great reminder that He is in control and that the little frustrating moments we have are temporary.  That is Good News!



I am planning a special blog for Mother’s Day.  It’s about Mom, of course!

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