knitting an afghan

I decided to make the step in my knitting and try to make an afghan! It was a success! I am a collector of pattern books of any type, knitting, crocheting, and quilting, so I looked and sure enough I had a book for quick and easy afghans.  I would never buy something that is difficult and that took forever, although it seems to take me forever to complete anything! I received some great advice from my sister in-law about what kind of yarn to buy and I used 5 one pound skeins and super big circular needles, size 17.   I wanted to make it bigger so I added stitches on the needle and made it longer.  It is a big afghan!


The amazing thing is that it took only 3 months to knit and I knitted mostly in the evenings.  I love when it gets big enough to keep me warm when I work on it in the cold winter evenings! I used two strands of yarn and it did give me a frustrating issue. The two strands just kept getting twisted.  If anyone has a solution to this, let me know, because it would probably take a week off the project.




I had a deadline and that is always a motivator for me.  The afghan was to be a surprise gift for my daughter on her birthday! I got it done and she loved it! Here are a few pictures of it in her home!





Apparently, her cat likes it as well!





Hannah on her birthday with her boyfriend and her afghan!




Makes my heart happy!




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2 responses to “knitting an afghan

  1. Beautiful afghan and beautiful daughter!!

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