Photographic Beginings

Today the wind blew crazy hard and what better way to spend some time than figuring out how to start this blog. So I went through some of my pictures and found a few that depicted my life here in Eastern Washington. My hope for this blog is to share some pictures, talk about my favorite things, like fabric, quilts and flowers. Household tips and gardening mishaps will surely be brought up. There is always the possibilty of talking farm stuff and I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing about some of the journeys I’ve taken. So, If you want take a peek every now and then. My hope is to update a few times a month, maybe more if I think I have something important to say.

A Very Cold January Morning
Spring Snow


Sliver of a Moon

Golden Wheat

Curious Deer

Flower Spreader

Wheat Harvest

Summer Sunset


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6 responses to “Photographic Beginings

  1. Angie Niska

    Beautiful Pictures Susie!!!! Oh makes my heart ache for wide open spaces . . LOL the old “home on the range” song just popped into my head! :o) Lots of love to you (Mark too!)

  2. Laura

    A beautiful start!!! I can’t wait to read & see more!!!

  3. Thanks you guys! You are great encouragers.

  4. matt ivins

    Great blog, Susie.

  5. Tracy Dyk

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for more!

  6. Hannah

    hello mommy! I will read your blog! Love you so much! Ill call soon. šŸ™‚

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