Making Bread

8 thoughts on “Making Bread”

  1. That bread looks very impressive. Way to go – must feel very fulfilling to start from scratch and make such great looking bread. Have you tried using that flour in any other baking??

  2. Those loaves look beautiful! YUM! And that grain mill is beautiful too! Looks great on your counter.

  3. Sharon, yes, I’ve been pretty much using just the flour I grind. I use the soft white wheat and sift out the bran for cookies. I still have some store bought flour in the cupboard and use it if I need small amounts.

  4. Ugh your blog is great! Makes me miss you even more!
    I wanted to share a tip i learned when making bread dough in 60 pound recipes. Take a golf sized ball of dough and gently pull and stretch the dough apart….it should become a very thin membrane without holes- that is when you know the gluten has been developed enough.
    Your pics are amazing too and I LOVE the new bag you made too 🙂

      1. If the dough does not develop holes when you pull it, it is ready to rise. If you are getting holes, it needs more kneading.

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