Sowin Bags

This past month I have been trying hard to get in as much sewing as I can, because I know once the weather turns nice I will want to be out in the yard and garden. I made some bags this last month, one for a birthday and another for a baby shower.
I have made this diaper bag and changing pad before so it went up pretty fast. The pattern is in the Winsome Baby book by Nancy Halvorsen.





This bike basket is a new one for me and I will say it was a challenge, for a couple of reasons. The first one is that the instructions were made for using laminated fabric and I used canvas. Glue was also a major part of this project, but I chose not to use glue and instead sewed. Sewing where glue would be much easier made it a little trickier in tight quarters and corners! It worked out just fine, just took a little extra time to figure out. I will definitely make another one because I want one for my bike! A handy feature with this basket is that you can easily take it off your bike and use it as a bag. I found the pattern while on a camping road trip last fall in Sisters, Oregon at the Stichin Post Quilt Shop.









Spring is coming and my sewing days will turn to sowin seeds. I am alright with that as long as I get a little time here and there at my sewing machine.

I see my rhubarb pushing through the dirt…





and tiny flowers are bloomin in the rain!








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6 responses to “Sowin Bags

  1. Cindy Dyk

    I LOVE this site!! Very cute bags!!! Cindy Dyk

  2. Hannah

    Great blog Mom!!

  3. Angie Niska

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Diaper Bag!!!!! It’s even more special since it was specially made by you! I couldn’t believe it and it has been admired over and over!!! Thank you! Miss you! Lots of love

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