Sunset Harvest

A few sunsets have gone by since I have written on this blog.  The sunny busy days of summer means leaving the computer by the wayside except for those business things that just have to be attended to.  A few BIG things have transpired over the last two months, the best by far is when … Continue reading Sunset Harvest

in the Blue Mountains

Mark and I drove to the mountains the other day and I always bring my camera just in case. He is so nice to stop the truck and let me shoot some pictures. The timing was perfect, in the late afternoon and there was plenty of wildlife to see and of course flowers. Here are … Continue reading in the Blue Mountains


We planted a rapeseed field last summer and the field man for the crop stopped by the other day to take a look at the field, but this time he brought gifts!   I love gifts and these were very unusual ones, four bags of lentils and a recipe book.  It’s a good thing he brought the … Continue reading Chickpeas